Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bush Bashing at A Biblical Conferences?

Well a third Louisiana post all in one day. I will try to move on after this.

I have been watching the post of my Baptist blogger friend as he attends a conference in New Orleans. He says in part:

I have noticed that some biblical scholars use cliches and buzz phrases without quite realizing what they are saying. In the Psalms sessions several references to “global warming” - I care very much about the environment but believe there is legitimate cause for questioning Anthropogenic Global Warming dogma. Many references to how Katrina “exposed injustice and inequalities in our community” along with some gratuitous and ill-informed Bush-bashing - but do people who throw that around really know what they are talking about? Plenty of middle and upper class New Orleans residents suffered and lost everything. It was in the recovery process that one sees more of the disparity. And although the Federal government responded poorly one should not overlook the colossal ineptitude of Louisiana authorities.

If some scholars engage in casual Bush-bashing and Global Warming kvetching during their talks - why do other scholars not engage in casual Obama-bashing and in digs against Anthropogenic Global Warming...

Again the subject of Louisiana being used by all sides as a political football. I am sure this was not the prime focus of this conference by any means. Still it is one of those things that set me off.

I do not queston the need to highlight the problems of the now famous mostly African American Ninth ward of New Orleans. But it does get tiresome that the same destruction and misery that occurred in mostly white Lakeview and across the canal in the mostly white St Bernard Parish is just ignored. It does not fit the memo!!! It does not fit the talking points. Though it is largely the same.

It would seem the problem in Lakeview would be of huge importance because that is where so much of the tax base of New Orleans resides. They stuck it out instead of running to the New Orleans burbs over the past decades. Now they don't even get a 10 second spot on tv.

Why is this?

I saw this within days after Katrina. Too much prime focus on who is to blame and not enough on focusing in correcting the problem. I can recall when the same liberal groups that were yelling about Bush were yelling to boycott New Orleans when Blanco signed a pro-life bill. Same thing when Jindal signed a bill to allow a little freedom for local school boards to have supplemental material on intelligent design. Those causes seemed to have taken bigger precedent among SOME of the "Bush Laughed People Drowned" crowd.

Politics is at times a depressing thing.

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