Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did A Catholic Squanto Bail Out the Pilgrims!! (Update)

Who knew!!! At least according to this site. I figured we had to be involved.

I have heard this before. It sounds almost too good " American Catholic" to be true. Sort of like all those George Washington converted to Catholicism on his death bed stories that are still talked about.

I will have to research this more. I have to admit if Squanto was a Baptized believing Catholic helping out the the poor hapless starving English Protestants I think we would have heard more about it. What happen when the these English Separatist saw him saying the Rosary!!! :)

Well it seem the famous Evangelical Chuck Colson is buying part of it.

It appears this story is more widely believed than I thought. I will try to deleve into this more tonight and see what is up.

I see the Canterbury Tales talks about this too at The Catholic Origins of the First Thanksgiving

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