Sunday, November 29, 2009

LSU Gets Back the Boot- Beats Arkansas !!!!

Can I get a great Amen on that. Nice photo gallery here.

What a game. It has been a tough week after the disaster that was the LSU loss. The Arkansas game is always tough and this year was no exception. I think winning a good close game at night in Tiger Stadium was just what the Les Miles, the fans, and the team needed.

ON top of that Mississippi State beats Ole Miss and our Bowl prospects of a good quality bowl go up!!!

Now for a perfect season all we need is to win the bowl game , Bama to lose in SEC Championship, and Bama again to lose at the Sugar Bowl versus Boise State.


Sandra Guthrie Moore said...

Hello James of LA.,
Visiting your website after you had commented on my Lake Providence, La. genealogy website. Knew some of the Shepherd's when I lived there. Not sure which ones you are related to, tried to email you to see. I lived there from 1955 - 1970. Anyway would like to hear from you. BTW, you are a very busy person, and have a nice blog.

James H said...

Thanks. I really enjoy your blog!!

I am not sure how many SHepherd Familes were around Lake Providence.

My Grandparents were James and Myrtle Ruth Shepherd. They raised their family up near the Arkansas border.

My mother was Barbara Jean Shepherd. You might have know my Uncles, Jimmy, Nelson,John David, and Mike.

Jimmy and Nelson married local girls. Jimmy married Janet Brown (sadly she just passed away) and Nelson married Kay Crawford that I bet you know. She seemed to be pretty involved in the local stuff.

The only remaining relative I have that still lives near Lake Providence is John David. He lives near Epps.

I have some nice memories of Lake Providence before the infamous Farm bush of the 80's. My mother can recall Earl Long coming to Lake Providence for the Miss Louisiana Pagent.

It has always been a colorful place.

I have a lot of pictures. In fact Mike Shepherd has a ton of pictures from that time in his possession. So I will look at them and if I see something of interest I will email you them. I intend to take a look at them during Christmas

Oh My email is

Unknown said...


Glad to see LSU win.

Not glad to see the new Nike uniforms.

I don't mind the old gold color, but I HATE the white pants.