Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is Obama Holding the Louisiana Poor Hostage Over the Health Care Bill

Since Bush has left office the liberals, the media, and a large part of the Democrat party have moved on from discussing New Orleans and Louisiana very much. It is back to the same old just pump the oil, keep the port open, the river cleared, and the food coming. We will do a photo op in New Orleans and ignore the looming National Crisis that is developing.

I have discussed the unseemly hardball Obama was playing as to the Health Care Bill and Louisiana in references to my posts on his visits to New Orleans and Cao's vote.

I touch on it here at the comments at my post Senator Mary Landrieu is Not A Crook or Corrupt . I always like the check the profiles of the people that comment (I love comments) and I noticed this particular person I am responding too also read a blog I enjoy. That is Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

I noticed on that blog there is a good post. See Why Are Democrats Holding Louisiana Hostage?

He says in part:
But there is another, equally unseemly, angle.If the poor in Louisiana so badly need this assistance, why aren't Harry Reid and other Democrats who control Congress giving Louisiana the aid without the string attached of Landrieu's vote?Why is Harry Reid using the poor of Louisiana as a bargaining chip? We know why, but let's spread the blame around to all corners where it is deserved.When it comes to passing Obama-Pelosi-Reid-care, it seems hard to distinguish between hostage and hostage-taker.

Indeed!!! Now this hardball is going largely unnoticed even among my Catholic Social Justice friends. It might be that they are not aware. There is a good chance of that. I have noticed among various liberal groups they have a short attention span as to Louisiana issues. Again we are often a political football used by all sides.

I certainly hope this is the case and we are not viewed as just collateral damage in a far bigger worthy aim.

Still I am hoping this does not proceed further. Such as holding back needed money for Coastal Erosion projects so to get Cao and Landrieu's vote.

I would hate to see more Coastline wash away and a National Security situation develop when the next hurricane takes out Port Fourchon, and America wonders why they can't get gas at the pump. That might be collateral damage that even Americans in Iowa might notice.


Mary Ellen said...

Exactly! Louisiana has been kicked around and used as a political football since Katrina. The only time we hear about Louisiana is when it's being used by some politician to gain political attention.

I have absolutely no idea why, after that horrible catastrophe, that there are still homes that have not been rebuilt, the levee's are not properly repaired, and from what I hear, some schools have not been rebuilt.

James H said...

I guess I have a realistic view of the situation and I am not downplaying the Louisiana and city role on this. There needs to be tough choices made that no one wants to make.

Still it comes down to this. Louisiana is not very populated and thus our COngressional delegation is weak. This is one reason why Landrieu and even Cao to a certain ecten have to be bend when perhaps they do not want too.

But it is more voege to talk about drilling in Alaska and how Bad Palinis than talking about Coastal erosion and Gulf dead zones caused by farmers from the midwest. Partly because these problems have no easy solution and involve others having to cut back on their onw pet projects.

In the end everyone looks after their self interest and Louisiana just does nothave the political muscle.

The fact that Obama spent only 4 hours here in New Oreleans on his FIRST trip despite all his Bush bashing over New Orleans tells the whole story.