Monday, November 16, 2009

The World Is About To End Again!!!

I suspect that at many Masses over the weekend the Priest took some time to talk about the latest the World is Going to End Crazy stuff. It seemed the reading were apt as we discuss the ultimate Last Thing at the end of the Church year.

Bad Habit has a post on all the nonsense that seems to even have taken the history channel by rage. See THE END IS NEAR…AGAIN

Don't get me wrong we did too look for the signs and be aware yes at some point this will end. Catholics do need to get a better understanding of Revelations for instance and the final act as it were . I find it mind blowing when I hear good Catholics start reciting stuff they read in the "left behind" series of all things.

Still there is point where the obsession becomes well un Christian. Catholics have their own groups. DO people recall the whole "three days of darkness" stuff in the 90's and people buying beeswax candles!!

I am worried about hysteria with all this Maya Calender misinformation out there.


PersonalFailure said...

Left Behind? Do they get that the writers of those books assume that Catholics will top the list of those left behind?

I like to point people here. Let's just say, we've had a few doomsday predictions in the past, and we're still here.

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for linking, kiddo!

Oh yeah...the way I figure it, bring it on! If a meteor is gonna fall, I hope it's smack dab on my house while I'm in it. That way I won't have to put up with all the survivalists who are going to be swarming my yard to grab water from my pool so they can flush their toilets.

I'm ready to meet my Maker whenever He wants me. If I'm lucky, it will happen right after I go to Confession and to Communion. If I'm not so lucky....I got some 'splainin' to do. ;-)

James H said...


I don't thin they do lol. It is slightly hinted out in the books but to an observant non educated Catholics in flys past them.

I read some of the books so I could converse with them but gosh the writing was not that good. It was like lets draw out the side stories so we can write ten more books. I never say why people liked them