Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicago Cardinal Francis George : U.S. Bishops to Soon Decide Who and What is Catholic

"Your submission to your bishop, who is in the place of Jesus Christ, shows me that you are not living as men usually do but in the manner of Jesus himself," Antioch wrote in a citation noted by Cardinal George.

That is Cardinal George getting all Church Fathers on us at the big Bishops meeting.

The Deacon Bench seems to have some significant news here:
In remarks at the opening of the hierarchy's annual meeting in Baltimore, Chicago Cardinal Francis George made it clear that after years of repeated questions about the bishops' credibility, it was time for the bishops to clarify just who can and cannot speak for the church.

He also confirmed that he had set up three committees of bishops to develop guidelines for determining what will be considered legitimate Catholic entities. "Since everything and everyone in Catholic communion is truly inter-related, and the visible nexus of these relations is the bishop, an insistence on complete independence from the bishop renders a person or institution sectarian, less than fully Catholic," George, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, told some 300 of his fellow bishops. "The purpose of our reflections, therefore, is to clarify questions of truth of faith and of accountability or community among all those who claim to be part of the Catholic communion."

See much more at Who is really Catholic? via The Deacon Bench.

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