Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bishop Tobin Goes On Bill O’Reilly (VID)

See Bishop Tobin On The Factor via American Catholic.


Anonymous said...

Bishop Tobin, on O'REilly did a good job, primarily because he was allowed to finish a sentence.

It was interesting to note that simply by the nature of some of (Catholic) O'Reilly's questions, O'Reilly showed his own poor understanding of Catholic teaching.

It is one thing to say that you disagree with the Church on a teaching but it is another thing (and somewhat sad) to see so much plain ignorance on the part(s) of persons who call themselves Catholic.

Spirit of Vatican II said...

To me, Tobin comes across as a religious fanatic. He scoffed at the idea of making a fuss about the death penalty, a sure give-away that it is not concern for life or human welfare that motivates him.