Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Columnist Wants Archbishop of Canterbury To Get In Pope's Face

Oh goodness what a rant from the UK Telegraph . Midwest Conservative Journal has the details at GEORGE PITCHER?.

Pitcher does seem not to read his own paper. See The Church of England washes its hands of traditional Anglo-Catholics.

The denial going on here is something else.

Pope Benedict is throwing a lifeline to Anglo Catholics. He also realizes that even under a alternative Episcopal structure that would for instance recognize another Episcopal jurisdiction in the USA that the Anglo Catholics could be minimized by the largely Orthodox more Protestant and Reformed Episcopalians. We saw that tension arise at a recent meeting in Jersualem

The fact that Pope Benedict most likely wants the orthodox more Protestant and Reformed Episcoplians to have their own new jurisdiction missed in all this. Please note the Vatican gave its full endorsement of that just a couple of months ago. However it seems people cannot connect the dots as it were.

The Pope can see the writing on the wall. It is perplexing that so many people are upset over the Pope's concerns over Orthodox Anglicans that so many wish would just leave as they plot the New Church.

Why do they Care?

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Christopher Johnson said...

Thing is, anybody who was surprised by this hasn't been paying attention. Benedict XVI has been interested in the Anglican situation for a long time. In 2004, before he even became Pope. then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger sent a very warm letter of greeting and encouragement to a conservative Anglican gathering in Texas:


So if Dr. Williams or anyone else was surprised by the Apostolic Constitution, it's their own fault. Some of us who've been following this story since 2003 saw this coming years ago.