Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rod Dreher and Other Conservatives Thinks It's 2011 Already

I am picking out Rod not to pick on him but because I read his blog often. He also represents I think well some of the folks that are worried that Palin is taking up too much time and space.

He sort of hits on Palin's today at Why Palin is not an answer

I left this comment:
Every should take a good look at the Calender. It is 2009 not 2011. Palin has written a book with yes no huge policy plan. Why should she. It is 2009. We could be facing quite different issues in 2011.

She is doing what she should be doing. She has written a book that has given her a vehicle to go into the country and grasp the mood of the people and too see the country. To listen to what the people are saying. This is many people do in the primary system by the way. It helps then develop their message.

Palin must walk a tightrope. That is not be underexposed and then not be overexposed so she is old hat by 2011.

Why people are demanding the answer to the GOP NOW RIGHT now is beyond me. It does not work that way and I am clueless why so many get sucked in these news cycle business where this or that is deemed to have long term consequnces. It will happen in it natural way and it cannot be rushed.

Ann Althouse hits a similar theme again on some Drehers' comments he made on NPR. See Rod Dreher gives "a conservative read" to Sarah Palin's book. On NPR.

She says in part:
When reviewing a book, you should ask whether the book achieves what it set out to do. Dreher posits some goal other than the one Palin chose and slams her for not meeting it.

She chose to write a personal memoir: What life feels like for Sarah Palin. So it's her "Dreams From My Father." The book Dreher aches for would be her "Audacity of Hope." Presumably, she is — her people are — working on that second book, and it will be fully fleshed out with exactly the conservative policy details that Sarah Palin needs for a presidential run.

Dreher admits that her choice to "sell[] a personality, not a platform" is "not dumb." But he leaps to the conclusion that her personality is "what [all?] she has to work with." That's not necessarily the case, and even if it is, with the infusion of great policy advisors, we will never know that she didn't come "loaded" with policy details.

You can't "charge" toward 2012. It's 3 years away, and it will take 3 years to get here. There's no great need to load up on much policy. What did Obama have in 2005? She is creating and extending her aura. She's following the Obama template. "Shooting blanks" — thanks for the gun imagery, but what the hell was Obama "shooting"?

Exactly. Again what is the rush. For the record I am in no rush to get behind any one at this early early date to pronounce they are it and they are the answer.

Lets stay fouced on 2010 and after that we can START to make broad pontifications on who is the answer for the GOP. At least then people will be foucsed.


Pro Ecclesia said...

But all the cool religion bloggers are getting in on the Palin-dissing action. Shea, Dreher, etc., etc.

James H said...

I don't get taht either Jay. I mean I am not saying they have to support her. Heck I am not supporting anyone because well as I said it is 2009.

I just don't get their viewpoint and why they think they must make a hudge judgment on her so early

Pro Ecclesia said...

Exactly. They don't have to support her. But the rush to judgment is a thing to behold.

I don't see that she's particularly less qualified than many others who have had aspirations for higher office, yet we didn't see this kind of vitriolic response. I think it's these guys trying to show that they're not like all the other rubes who have fallen prey to the charms of the seductress.

I mean, that's Dreher's and Shea's whole schtick - showing that they're "different" (i.e. "better") than other conservatives.