Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Not Owner of Pittsburgh Steelers As Next Envoy to the Vatican

The Irish Times has a article that PROMINENT IRISH-AMERICAN businessman Dan Rooney, owner and chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, is widely tipped to be the next US ambassador to Ireland. See Rooney widely tipped as US envoy.

Rooney is a very devout Catholic and would be a perfect Envoy to to the Holy See. I think he would be acceptable to all groups in what is becoming among some Catholics one of President Obama most controversal open appointments.

Perhaps he should think about asking him to consider it.

Update- Is this not a win win for Obama. He can send Caroline Kennedy as Envoy to Ireland and placate the steamed Kennedy Clan. Plus he gets rid of one of his Catholic problems!!! In fact he gets rid of two of his "Catholic" problems :)


Carlos Echevarria said...

A lot better than that RINO Kmiec!

James H said...

I agree. Also I think that Roomeny woould do a good job