Monday, January 26, 2009

Do the Cold War and the Sexual Revolution have Something common?

First Things has what sounds like a interesting article on this. Sadly one must have a subscription on this date to read it, But it should be online in a couple of months for free.

However the Action Inst has excerpts and a link to a blog that has even more that gets to the thesis. If you are seeing this entry like in April likely the full article is available for free

See What do the Cold War and the Sexual Revolution have in common? for the links.

I do like this line:

Incredible as it seems in retrospect, even to those who witnessed some of those years, the moral facts of the Cold War remained disputed at the highest intellectual levels, especially on American campuses, until about two seconds before the Berlin Wall came down. Yes, incredibly enough—and despite the fact that most other people on earth knew exactly what to think about communism, especially those unfortunate enough to live under it—there was no intellectual unanimity in the West during the decades leading up to 1989 about whether communist ideas and governments, in practice, had proved to be a human disaster.
In fact, to the extent that elite opinion on the subject did exist, it lined up in the majority quite the other way....

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