Friday, January 30, 2009

Bush's New Neighbors Tired of the Bush Bashing

The Anchoress had a link at her post President Bush looks bushed…UPDATED to this interesting UK Guardian story on the Bush's new Dallas Neighbors and their welcome of the President back home. She mentions How funny you have to read about it in the UK press. Actually I am not shocked. The Press has been ignoring Bush for over a year including his grand trip to Africa. As to the UK press Dallas actually has a good number of British expats . In fact former Prime Minister Thatcher grandson lives I think in or near this neighborhood where by the way he is sort of rising High School football stud.

See Neighbours pay $20 to welcome Bush to Dallas

It is a nice story. The 20 dollars is in reference to a smart college student that sold over 800 signs to the former First Family now newneighbors to welcome the President home. We learn that the President's new digs are sort of modest compared the the Jones next door. I like this part:

The student, since Christmas, has since sold nearly 800 signs at $20 (£13) each - most to supporters of Barack Obama, according to his father, Bill Bibb. About $2 from each sign goes to a local primary school.
"I think it's kind of a general feeling that people are just tired of the bashing of the president," Bibb said. "Everybody I talked to supports Obama but does not support the way the [former] president has been treated since the elections. They feel it is disrespectful."
He added: "Not everybody agrees with everything that has been done in the past but he is our commander in chief - or was

I have a feeling a good many Americans feel that way.

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