Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Should the Vatican Hire Hamas For Media Relations?

Creative Minority Report shows the obvious benefits

He says in part:

No. We need an organization that is awful and deadly who has gotten the media to love them. I know, I know. Obama fits that too. But I'm thinking we need Hamas to teach the Vatican about media manipulation. ..

Look, it's this simple: The Church prays for Jews they get in trouble. Hamas lob 800 rockets into Israel killing innocent civilians and they're portrayed as innocent rubes who just want peace..

Hamas, while employing an unceasing war to drive Israel into the sea has played the victim card every time Israel strikes back. And it's worked. The media treats Hamas as the misunderstood victims of an aggressive Israel.

When Hamas fires from school buildings and uses the civilian population of Gaza as a human shield, the media blames Israel for forcing them to do it.Hamas then parades out video of their fake dead for the cameras and it leads off the nightly news worldwide. And everybody pretends not to notice that the corpse is smiling and breathing.

When Hamas denies the Holocaust, it's not a source of outrage it's a sign of the need for more education funding for the poor dears.Now that's some media manipulation. The Vatican could learn a thing or two from these guys.

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