Monday, January 26, 2009

Cancer Treatment Backed By the Virgin Mary?(Updated)

Tip of the Hat to Custosfidei for this.

I came across this "Miracle" cure somewhere over the weekend and I thought it was strange.

Now it has got stranger and more alarm bells are going off as to who is backing this. See Mysterious cancer treatment 'backed by the Virgin Mary' is plugged by major Catholic news agency

I am curious That unnamed religious order that he is talking about that will be testing out his. I am hoping it is not the the Legionaries of Christ that allready are in enough controversy.ZENIT news agency is associated with this order.


ZE09012602 - 2009-01-26Permalink:
CellAdam Cancer Drug
ROME, JAN. 26, 2009 ( ZENIT would like to inform readers interested in CellAdam, the anti-cancer treatment discussed in last week's Rome Notes column by Edward Pentin titled the "Believe-It-or-Not Cancer Drug," that while the product may be as effective as the article suggests, ZENIT cannot and does not officially endorse the treatment.The views expressed were those of the writer, who was impressed by the faith and sincerity of the company's Catholic directors and their belief in the treatment's effectiveness. We recommend that readers interested in the drug do their own research, or wait for the results of the clinical trials that will be completed in the next few years.

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