Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Not the Only Malthusian In Town

Pro Ecclesia reports that after an appeal from President Obama Pelosi has back down from putting vast amounts of money for contraception in the stimulus bill. See "Conservative Catholic Grandmother"™ Pelosi Backs Down: Contraception Removed from "Stimulus Package"

No doubt President Obama realized this was sort of bizarre and also might be realizing he needs some Republican on board.

Pro Ecclesia makes the following point:
And despite her reluctant decision to do the right thing and remove contraception funding from the "stimulus" bill, Speaker Pelosi still has that troubling Malthusian justification she offered to George Stephanopolous hanging out there. Either she should repudiate that statement, or her Bishop should do it for her.

So true. However there is something that should not be missed. The most dangerous Malthusians at this point are not the Democrats but groups that have hid their main agenda and allied with Conservatives.

These are the John Tanton groups that under the cover of the immigration battle have allied with many to oppose immigration reform. In fact on tv you see their people on the air all the time especially on the Lou Dobbs show. Chances are a lot of my readers receive their email Those groups include Federation for American Immigration Reform , NumbersUSA, Center for Immigration Studies, which are one the most familiar to many. Others include American Immigration Control Foundation, American Patrol/Voices of Citizens Together, Californians for Population Stabilization, and ProjectUSA .

During the Immigration Battles I was concerned on Three fronts

(1) I wanted immigration reform to pass

(2) I worked with a group of conservatives that put aside their differences (both hard line opposition to immigration reform and those that supported it) to uncover the various money making scams that conservatives were getting rooked on as to this issue


(3)To try to show how dangerous the above mentioned groups were, what there true motives were and plead that even those opposed to immigration reform to divorce themselves from it and join organizations that did not have this radical population control agenda.

Point 3 was in many ways a bigger concern to me long term.

I am not sure if the pro-life movement or orthodox conservative Catholics quite realize the danger that these groups and their ultimate agenda is to our cause.

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