Saturday, January 31, 2009

What If Obama Were Pope!! - Some Catholics Dream It

God help us. Hans Kung is speaking again. Yes we used to hear a lot from him but thankfully it is less and less nowadays . Well Kung is all on an anti Pope Screed and for added measure ask us to dream if Obama was Pope. Oh yeah the Pope is just like that old horrible George Bush.

See 'If Obama were Pope' by Professor Hans Kung

Tip of the Hat to Catholic Church Conservation at Church dissident calls for removal of Pope
from FT Germany:

There are so many contradictions of course in his article. The fact is that many Priests, religious, and others took his ideas hook , line, and sinker. That is one reason why we have some crisis in parts of the Church. It must gall him to see where Orthodoxy reigns there are new vocations while the orders that followed Father Kung are at death's door.

I love this part:
2. proclaim the vision of hope of a renewed church, a revitalized ecumenism, understanding with the Jews, the Muslims and other world religions and a positive assessment of modern science.

Here is a dirty secret. People like Kung are not thrilled with a lot of Ecumenism. Do you think they are thrilled when we become closer and closer to the Orthodox. Of course not because that just puts into huge clarity that their ideas are losing. Kung and his ilk are like the Blues Brothers. They truly think they are on a mission from God and it does not matter if their ideas were implemented it would cause world wide schism and a tearing apart of the Church.

Please note all the powers he attributes to Pope Benedict that he truly does not have. Benedict must teach within the whole tradition of the Church. In Kung's world he used to argue about less power. But we see like the political radical left a glimpse of what they would do if they have it. They would use power with an iton fist and tear apart all those that opposed them

I tmust be horrible that the biggest Theologian that was held up by the Catholic radicals is now in Germany having to gloat on Obama


code monkey said...

If Obama were Pope, the Church would quickly fall into the genicidal murder of the innocents. Instead of following the example of Jesus, we would be following in the footsteps of Herod

Rafael Melo said...

If Obama were Pope, first, he would no more use our money to economic issues but to promote abortions throughout the whole Christian world. He would proclaim himself as the new messiahs (like many people called him); and from its authority: he would change some parts of bible which does not fit with the current society. Like the right of life, homosexualism and profit. So, we would no more feel ashamed for our sins; Actually, he would explain that religion is not that important anyway, so everyone is allowed to choose by itself since earlier age, so in the end the Catholicism would become just a distraction for weekends. For some ignorant people who cannot see the marvelness of our economic-moral society.