Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pope Benedict Appoints Yankee Bishop For Diocese of Charleston South Carolina

Heaven help us. Yes Pope Benedict has appointed a life long New Yorker to the Diocese of Charleston which is basically the entire State of South Carolina. The Hotbed of Secession!!! I appears that eccentric groups like the League of the South were not consulted . :)

Standing on My Head has more information and links as to his "new boss".

The Diocese of Charleston is one of the oldest Diocese in the United States and the town to which he shall live is a jewel. Tons of So and So slept here and history is all over the place. I have visited there three times and also amazed by its nightlife. It is sort of like the French Quarter in some areas without the smell.

It seems like a good pick for an area that is growing. The soon to be Yankee Bishop Monsignor Robert E. Guglielmone as the13th Bishop of the Diocese of Charleston will have to get used to many things. Including the Southern Religion of College Football. Sadly his first experience will be having to console his Clemson and South Carolina Flock of their never ending sucking at the sport. I am afraid this will become a yearly experience as well as the expectation that he wear some apparel that has the words "Cock" on it. I would suggest to the new Bishop that Masses dedicated to giving Steve Spurrier the ability to produce would be a real crowd pleaser. In fact if it works a good bit of the State might swim the Tiber and thus we shall see the largest conversion of Southerners to Holy Mother Church in History. Though it is evident that God loves Georgia and Florida more in the SEC EAST well one has to buoy the Flock. On a side note from a LSU viewpoint any prayer that the anti Christ Nick Saban(our common foe) find a new vocation in life would be appreciated by the SEC Catholic faithful

Southerners of course love grits but in S.C they really love grits. Grits are combined will all sort of items unlike even the most grit loving areas of the South.So he needs to get used to that.

I would suggest to the Bishop to take the very fun at night Ghost waking tour of Charleston to get his bearings. It is pretty informative.

This was by the way a sort of rare Saturday morning announcement by the Vatican of Bishop appointment. No doubt even our German Pontiff did not want to disturb the ghost of John Calhoun who is buried in the Anglican St. Philips Churchyard who no doubt is rolling in his grave.

On a serious note from what I can tell this is a very good appointment and I think South Carolina will be pleased.

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