Monday, January 26, 2009


Political Scientist Jeff Sadow over at Between The Lines has a good post I am pretty much in agreement with at LA GOP does better by keeping primaries closed .

I am not one of these that get on the bandwagon of Party Bashing that so many people wish to do. The problem with Louisiana and in fact as to the South as a whole from pre Civil War days was the lack of a real two party system. In fact perhaps we could have avoided all that Civil War mess if that was not a past historical fact.

Still party building is a must and the closed primary helps that. In all the bashing of parties there is rare discussion about how what PARTIES used to do on the local level was critical in bringing the public in for civic engagement and exchange of ideas. They played a role in having the average citizen becoming very engaged and also served as a important way for elected officials to keep in tune with what the voters were feeling and thinking.

Oh but what about the Independents. The Prof points out in the above post the CW is often wrong on them

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