Friday, January 30, 2009

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update Post For Friday, January 30, 2009

Yes I know I have been bad and not have done this for "daily" post for two days. Lots of catching up to do

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has The Dumb Ox Explains Why Edward and Bella Aren’t Chaste

Unskilled Labor has exciting news See Blue Bell Mardi Gras Flavored Ice Cream . He also has Paging Mr. Kmiec...

Just Another Seminarian Blog links another Louisiana Bloggers poem here.

From The Recamier has her daily update here at Daily Update: January 29, 2009

The Louisiana Catholic podcast to the world has their latest podcast up. Go to Cathlolic Underground and see CU Episode 94: Beware the Dead Client . Their shownotes are here Episode 94 Shownotes. THe description is " this episode: the vatican gets its own YouTube channel, the cu crew discuss the lifting of the excommunications of the bishops of the Society of St. Pius X by Pope Benedict XVI. We’ve also got our picks of the week and the latest Catholic News on the cu metro. A backChat explaining how we do what we do on the podcast and some side chat to boot."

Footprints on the Fridge has Small Successes

Works and Prayers of a Fils Prodigue has CW Statement of Goals (c. 1936) (Catholic Worker) ,Confession ,De Sanctis 1/28 (Augustine on Grace) , and “Neither”

The Wolf Den has Run Scott Run!

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has their major update.

The Everyday Catholic Podcast has The St. Aloysius Youth Group. He has what appears to be a great podcast with the Director of Vocations for the Dicoese of Baton Rouge. See Episode 4 John Smith, Come on down! You're the next candidate for the priesthood! (I will highlight later)

Stranger in a Strange Land has Desperately Seeking God , Lift High the Cross , Ideas Have Consequences (Great post also to be highlighted later), Psalm 37 , and Bene Scripsisti de Me Thomma
Astonished Yet at Home has given us a link to a new Louisiana Catholic Blogger. See University Catholic!!

For The Greater Glory has No, You Can't™: Obama shows his credentials on saving the world , Using Magic to make an Obama vote disappear? (I plan to comment on this at his site tonight), No, You Can't: Stimulus Package for Democratic Campaign Contributors , and Wait, he did? Obama takes out contraception from the stimulus

Father Decker of Thy Nose to the Marble. has something here.(scroll down)

Astonished, Yet at Home! has responded to a post I did. I intend to comment on his site later tonight. I am sorry I did not do that yesterday. See Inconsistent Opining, But Is It Catholic? Also see this must read post Introducing . . . and On My Greater Harshness Towards Conservatives Than Liberals . See also Premio Dardos Award Winner

Full Circle has Mt. Redoubt ... live feed from Alaska Volcano Observatory

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has Amazing Gigaixel View of a lovely little Gothic Church. See Most awesome Pope Picture Ever! (scroll down), The USCCB Document "Faithful Citizenship" is (at least partially) to blame for Obama's Election, and SSPX Bishop who denies Holocaust is silenced by head of the Society!

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Taking a Break..., Yeah, What She Said..., and Remember That Garden?

Our expat priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has some Vatican history here at Feast of Saint Hyacinth of Viterbo (30 Jan 2009)

Maudie in Mandeville has David Duke supports Obama's African abortion program , and Thomas Sowell's "thoughtless pursuit of a desirable goal"

Finally Our Catholic Priest Expat in NJ Da Mihi Animas has Celebration of 150th anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Congregation to be opened shortly , Rich Mullins: Credo , Benedict XVI: Remission of excommunication an act of mercy , I miss the flawed Presidents! and Exponential Times!

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