Monday, January 26, 2009

President Obama To Allow States To have Less Restrictive Gun Laws!!

Just Kidding.

But he is allowing States to have President Obama reversed more Bush administration policies Monday, endorsing state efforts to restrict tailpipe emissions and ordering higher fuel-efficiency standards. A WIN FOR FEDERALISM!!! OBAMA COULD BE A MEMBER OF THE FEDERALIST SOCIETY.

No not really. For younger readers what this means is that the more liberal Legislature of California will pass new standards and Detroit and others knowing it is too expensive to produce all these different cars with different standards and because it sells a lot of cars in California and other states that have similar laws will adopt what they say. So basically the President that wishes to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act has similar aims here. That is Legislators in California will in effect govern us.

As this blogger says though we welcome our new Federalist masters and "looks forward to President Obama’s efforts to free states to opt out of oppressive federal gun control regulations and set their own, more liberal gun ownership policies."

Instapundit is all for the idea and thinks his home state of Tennessee "might legalize full-auto if allowed . . . ."

I am afraid though since Obama wishes to repeal DOMA this new sense of Federalism is going to be "selective.

Therefore I am not expecting that Obama will allow States to opt out of certain Abortion laws.

The irony of course is that as to regulating auto standards the Congress has that power under the Instersate Commerce Clause (because cars are a big part of commerce and interstate travel) but despite what they say their power under the Interstate Commerce clause to affect things like Gun rights and abortion (This is the Grant of Power that Obama will base FOCA on) is well suspect in my view.

I know that seems well like a contradiction - What does abortion and Guns have to do with Interstate Commerce ?????? However all this was partly a result of some farmer growing three acres of wheat more than he was suppose too and FDR not liking it.

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