Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Continues to Rant About Pope Benedict

(Picture Opinionated Catholic Screaming) (Wait you never seen me well just picture a handsome Tom Cruise looking guy with a Southern Acctent Screaming- Trust me I look like that :))

Oh for the days when Andrew Sullivan was interesting. When I was at LSU all my classes were by a wonderul Episcopal Church on Campus. Their Chapel (that as usual even in its simplicity looked more Catholic than the Catholic Church right next door) was a haven and refuge to me. They had a wonderful common area that was taken advantage of by the few that knew about it in their center. They also subscribed to the New Republic and this was a time when Sullivan was editor. Though conservatives might disagree with much in the magazine it made one think and was engaging. It was also fun and witty.

Needless to say Sullivan and TNR have seen better days.

As I pointed out in earlier post Andrew has taken the lifting of the excommunications of the Bishops of SSPX to go on his tiresome crusade against Pope Benedict and Holy Mother Church. As I also pointed out there are no doubt millions of Catholics that wonder why Andrew himself has not been excommunicated for his vocal political advocacy against basic tenets of the Church in the public square. The fact he does not see the irony in this shows what a hate filled bubble he lives in.

Anyway this man has attempted to respond to Sullivan's rantings on this topic at Shutting Off Dialogue

As you can see among other things Benedict that Andrew Sullivan pontificates on he says:

I wasn’t arguing that the man’s poisonous views demand excommunication. In canon law, that makes little sense. I argued that rescinding excommunication when the man still holds this kind of dark Vatican I view of the world and the church is a provocation - to the Jewish people, civilized people everywhere and to Catholics who thought we had left this kind of poison behind in the 1960s. It is another signal of how much contempt Benedict holds for the Second Council.

Vatican I was poisonous? WTF? Has he read it? The Vatican I view of the World? Does he mean when the Vatican and the Pope were hiding all those Jews from the Nazis and Pope Pius the XII was having Jewish women birthing babies in his bedroom at the Papal summer estate? The dark Vatican I world where the Vatican made up in gold what the Jews could not as to the Nazi extortion and thus saved many Jews of Rome? The same Vatican I worldview that after WWII so moved the Chief of rabbi of Rome he converted to the Catholic Faith?

Has Andrew Sullivan read Pope Benedict's views of the Second Vatican Council in which Ratzinger was a part of and by going online he can read volumes of? It is a shame that more Catholics in the USA will read Sullivan's rants than actually go to the Church and see the facts.

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