Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Article at Washington Post- Just A Catholic

I usually do not read the Washington Post's On Faith Blog. As I pointed out here at Washington Post Religion Blog Attacks Governor Palin Again during the election season:

The Washington Post Religion blog "On Faith" is the most useless thing I have seen. After now watching most of the writers for the past 6 months it is apparent they know nothing about the religion of most Americans or for that matter much about their fellow Americans at all. It is curious but it seems most of their writers just hate Governor Palin. Their Catholic writer is in the tank for Obama and writes alarmist pieces all the time and basically called Palin a slut, they had a female Theologian that said Palin must be asked if "submitting to her Husband" would mean that he would be the actual VP, and now we have more crap from Deepak Chopra .

My opinion has not much changed after the heat of the election year.

But give credit where credit is due and perhaps I should check back in. There is a nice piece up called Just a Catholic

The Deacon Bench has the link and huge part of it at What kind of Catholic am I?

It is a very nice piece and I see a lot of me in it and where I suppose of where I am at. Though one can quibble if his observations are universial. For instance I find this great "liberal" Gospel Catholic music a tad rare and I think the "conservative" Catholic view of immigration reform was a tad more diverse in reality. But his story is his own and his personal experience and it touched me.

Good read.

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