Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Anglican / Vatican News- Vatican Congregation To Recommend “personal prelature” for Traditional Anglicans (Updated)

This is pretty big news. Father Z has the report at CDF will recommend a “personal prelature” for traditional Anglicans .

The article notes that besides bring in close to half a million members of the Traditional Anglican Communion into membership of the Roman Catholic Church the implications are very for those watching on the sidelines One must wonder if the Anglican Use we see in the USA will be greatly expanded. The stakes on the Anglican Egypt meeting have just go bigger.

If this happens its shows the Vatican has had enough. As the article notes "Cardinal Kasper warned Anglican bishops that Rome would turn to smaller ecumenical communities if the Anglican Communion at large proved unapproachable ecumenically."

The article is quite long and gives a lot of details. As you can see this appears to be something that is not some long term project but might be starting by Easter!!!

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Update- As always we have heard these rumors before from TAC and of course the article is a very heavy TAC quoted article. But this seems a tad different

Standing Firm (an Anglican Site) has a few more links at Damian Thompson: Traditional Anglicans ‘to be offered personal prelature by Pope’

Again I think there is fire here. This seems pretty specific. Also this Vatican invitations to TAC members first suffered in England if I recall correctly and not in the Australian TAC world. That rumor was not refuted it appears by Catholic sources

When you look at the moves the Pope has made to SSPX ( a move of some risk) one gets the sense that Benedict has decided to move forward with aggression as to Christian Unity.

Finally it is the Pauline year and one cannot think of a better time for this to happen

Update II- Catholic Online has Traditional Anglican Communion to Enter Catholic Church?

There is Fire to this Smoke it appears

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