Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Bishop Williamson of the SSPX Dying?

See Bp. Williamson’s health . This might explain in part what is in play here and the sense of urgency by Pope Benedict in this situation.

THe Ratzinger Forum has must read related news items related to the overall lifitng of the excommunications and SSPX that has been such a controversy on this page.

Among these are:

Israeli ambassador: good relations with Vatican

Interview with Mons. Bernard Fellay

The daring of Benedict XVI

Let’s thank God for the return of the prodigal sons

Taking a huge risk to heal a wound in the Body of Christ

Williamson apologizes for 'causing'unncessary distress' and thanks the Pope for lifting excommunication

Vatican-II is a main element in Benedict XVI's magisterium, says Cardinal Bertone

'I was in touch only with Fellay; we knew nothing of the interview'

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