Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Catholic Nun That Is A Doctor and In the U.S Army - Meet Sister Dede (Updated)

This is such a great story. I saw a priest blogger comment the other day that the Catholic Church needs to have Vocation Ads like that new awesome U.S. Marine Corp one that is running.

If the Church does that then SISTER Dedeneeds to be in the first one. She is a Catholic Sister, Serves the Poor, tells off color jokes,Wears traditional "Sister apparel", A Doctor, a U.S. Army Captian and has served in WAR ZONES!! On a side note I might add that it seems the Washington D.C area again has such interesting Catholics.

The Deacon Bench has the the link to the Great Washington Times sotry you don't want to miss at From habit to helmet: the sister soldier

Update I saw this interview that the U.S. army did with her that is interesting

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