Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sean Hannity and the Hannitized Catholic Right

Mark Shea had a curious post on this I noticed. He is talking about Sean Hannity and Bill O' Reilly.

I have heard this charge or what he implying before. I am not sure when Catholic conservatives look at these two figures they think "Catholic Politics"

I will tune in on occasion if there is a guest I like but it is not one of the must stops for me everyday night.

I am not a huge Hannity fan. I started to sour on him after 2004. There were too many issues that Republicans needed to have a fair discussion about and he did not help that. That ran from the UAE port deal to Immigration to the primary.

I guess my question is this. If Hannity is so influential then why did his guy Romney lose. He was on the constant attack against Huckabee and McCain. Just like Rush was. In fact according to exit polls McCain got more Catholic vote in the GOP primaries (even the ones contested) than Romney. So if Sean is so influential had did that happen?


Paul Bernacchio said...

Hannity has some perverse beliefs regarding Catholicism. I recall that he had a Catholic priest on his show and he got testy because the priest told him that birth control was against the Church's teachings. See the link:
I don't really care for him. I think he is too antagonistic and not very deep intellectual-wise. Rush Limbaugh is far more entertaining, and although he is not a Catholic, did say a number of good things when Pope Benedict was here in the USA.

James H said...

That is true I forgot about that. There was a tad of ourage over it too

Chris Osgood said...

I am wondering if Hanity is still Catholic? Last school year when he came and spoke at Liberty University he said he went to a Baptist Church and that he was a former Catholic.

James H said...

Chris I did not relaize that either