Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wow I just Love This 1962 Missal

My Pa Pa gave me some money for Christmas so I decided to buy a Roman Missa l(1962 ed). A strange purchase perhaps though because we have no extraordinary mass on the horizon in my Diocese. In fact at this point I am just hoping we get a Bishop soon.

However, I do wish to try to be active in having the older for effecting the "new" and who knows. It is likely I will be in a position to go to a Extraoridnary Form of the Mass on a regualar basis in the years to come. I also want to learn Church Latin.

First this is the book I "un wrapped" this morning. The Daily Missal 1962 from Baronius Press. It is as you can see very nice. I now realize that I shall get a lot more use out of this Missal than I realized. About 100 pages of the Missal before you even get to the Mass is just stuffed with all the traditional prayers of the Catholic faith. What is cool about this Missal is that those of course have been updated. We see this as to the indulgences that are mentioned. However some have been added. Like the additional mysteries of the Rosary. THe Chaplet of Divine Mercy etc etc. I love the section morning and evening prayers. However it's section on preparation and prayers for communion and confession are great. One wonders why I have not seen such a extensive selection in Missals I have for the regular form. So I intend to take this Missal with me to Mass with me on a regular basis.


Andrew Guidroz II said...

It is a fine missal.

I'm not sure where you are located but St. Peter's in Carencro, LA has the extraordinary form every Sunday at 1 PM. On the first Sunday of the month, it's a high mass.

Anonymous said...