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The Irony of the Conservative Media and Huckabee

I very much like reading From Burke to Kirk and Beyond... . He always has a bunch of very interesting posts that I need to start linking more. He has post up called Mike Huckabee makes Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney more attractive .

I of course disagree with that :).

However this blogger is of the type that is pretty rational and Huckabee supporters should be trying to win over. I think also his post shows that Huckabee opponents are scoring some points.

Now I am leaving a comment there that of what I feel about the Peggy Noonan article. I am not impressed with it. It is a very clever slam piece. If you read the whole thing she starts off with the whole Cross nonsense. Thus putting in the readers mind that Huckabee is one sneaky little Christian SOB with his subliminal messages. The rest of her article when you think about it is very light on facts. She makes lots of statements and backs then up with very precious little. It is almost like Huckabee being a Governor for 8 years did not exist. However that is not he focus of this post. let me quote Burke's commentary:

The cardinal rule for a Republican nominee is that he must control the Right but not be controlled by it, just as a Democrat must control the Left but not be controlled by it. Perception becomes reality. Those who break the rule most egregiously finish second in the national election.
I cannot speak for anyone but me, but I sense that most Americans would rather be governed by an agnostic who can fix an air conditioner than by a Baptist preacher who can eloquently pray for cooler temperatures

Now as I mentioned Burke is not or does not strike me as a overly partisan person. The fact that he perceives Huckabee as a "preacher"that basically prays for cooler temperatures and not a widely successful Governor that actually did great things in Arkansas is a tad concerning. Note this is the impression that Noonan's article wants to give. I think Huckabee will be able to overcome this but we need to start working on it now. However I wish to focus on this part:
The cardinal rule for a Republican nominee is that he must control the Right but not be controlled by it, just as a Democrat must control the Left but not be controlled by it. Perception becomes reality. Those who break the rule most egregiously finish second in the national election.

I very much agree with that. People that are passionate about politics on either the right or the left if not "controlled" must be guided in a very responsible way. Le me say there has been precious little of that lately. The Right has just become a out of control as the left. What I find ironic is that Peggy Noonan and several parts of the conservative media are now all in a huff over a problem they very much help create.

I really thing the the far right has become as self indulgent as the far left. They at times have gotten 70 to 75 percent of what they wanted from President Bush and proclaim that as insufficient. Ronald Reagan could not survive the current political climate if you ask me.

I am a critic of much of the conservative media because it seems to me that they just thrown red meat to the wolves. I saw this in several incidents. I thought the conservative pundits acted in a very irresponsible manner during the Dubai Terminal lease controversy, the 06 midterms, and finished off in a orgy of self destructive behavior during the emotional immigration debate of last year.

The immigration debate and how people acted from Rush, to Hannity , to Michelle Malkin, to the National Review, and the thousands of blogs that parrot them very much might have lost us a much of the Hispanic vote we have gained over the past decade. I fear we shall lose the upcoming election because of it. I know many of my readers were in the amen corner with them on that issue. However my view is my view. The pure level of hate in that debate was disturbing. I know because I ,a loyal Republican ,was called a traitor, a quisling, and that was the light stuff. I can't imagine what Hispanics thought. By the way ever been called a "traitor"? Ever had your faith slammed because you took a stance on a political issue? Well countless thousands of us conservatives that supported comprehensive immigration reform had that happen to us for 2 unbearable years. There were casualties that many don't know or acknowledge. I wonder if Peggy Noonan that is writing about how Huckabee is dividing will talk about her role in that saga. I am not holding my breath.

I can't help but note The Corner Blog is very upset that Huckabee is talking about Wall Street and Business interest and they are now saying "Huckabee is dividing the party!!!!" Horrors. I sent a email to NR and NRO Guru Rich Lowery yesterday as to this. I never got a response back. I wrote in part:

Anyway a few observations. First as to Huckabee talking about big business and Wall Street. That seems to have yall's goat. Well remember in the ancient days of NRO and NR(Like this summer) when its was NRO against Wall Street on Illegal immigration. Big Business and Wall Street were trying to get AMNESTY through- Cue Dark Scary music.
Boy yall were really getting the masses upset against those big boys. It seemed that Mrs Lopez and other were leading the pack with pitchforks in hand. I wonder. When NRO was doing a lot of that over the talk rhetoric did they ever consider it might have spill over effect.? I sort of warned about that back then......I am a Huckabee fan but I am not entirely thrilled about Huckabee's statements about Bush foreign policy. However , I must say the defense of the President you are doing sounds great but a tad hollow. Were not many of the President's same defenders today so gleefully talking about the "Great Divorce" that was going to happen between poor ole Compassionate Conservative Bush and legitimate conservatives. I am glad that did not happen by the way. Especially when we were in a war....Anyway I am still a fan of NRO. I am tad dispppointed thought that the Corner and the people that comprise it don't take a deep breath more often before hitting that submit button. As I have emailed before I live 15 miles from Arkansas. How Huckabee actually governed there appears quite different from what I am reading here. I wonder. Much like the illegal immigration issue will NRO's naplam bombing of any and all opposition(even if they are friends) as to Huckabee become a problem. What if he wins? Well as I have noted NRO seems to have no problem doing a 180 pretty quick. SO perhaps there will be no problem.
But someone anyone need to perhaps to do some ground rules or else we shall eat our own. If not NR and NRO then who

Now I don't want to pick on the Corner. In fact before I turn to other non political matters , I am going to to do a post how Huckabee supporters should be thanking one of its and National Review main people. However the Corner as well as Noonan as well as the various pundits and conservative organizations helped create the situation that they are now complaining about.

As to Huckabee. The people he is speaking too have legitimate gripes. The GOP better listen to that or those people might just vote dem. I get the impression that the conservative establishment does not quite get it yet. However Huckabee strikes me as a person that can control and guide that segment of the conservative base in a responsible manner. I get a sense that Huckabee thinks that there has been a tad too much over the top partisanship lately. If you watched President Bush's last press conference I am struck how he still refuse to lash out. Huckabee and I am betting on this can do what Bush for a variety of reasons could not. That is bridge the partisan divide and lower the temperature a good bit. We need that as a country right now.

Huckabee is currently showing he knows there are problems. He is acting that on the campaign trail very well. He believes what is saying no doubt. However Huckabee knows that just getting the masses upset will not win the election. He knows this election cannot just be anti Hillary. He will have to offer solutions and a alternative vision. I get a sense that some of the conservative pundits that so operate in sound bites are a tad wary of it. My advice to them. Chill a little. Let Huckabee develop it. There is a important part of this primary process that is often not talked about. That is Presidents don't fall down from Heaven all wrapped up for the Oval Office. The listening that people like Huckabee, Rudy, and Romney are doing is just as important as the speeches they give. Out of these bunch , a future President is being made and developed. So Conservative pundits and media. Take a break and let it happen a tad. I know you will not let it develop. But you should. These are the people speaking and they rarely get a voice in all the National politics. Electing a President is a intense personal choice for many people. In their choice they are voicing their concerns. Like Huckabee take time to listen

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