Friday, December 28, 2007

Co-chair of Romney's Florida campaign endorses Huckabee

Goodness it is like a sinking ship.
Huckabee picked up a surprise endorsement standing on a podium at Orlando Executive Airport.
Former state Sen. Dick Langley, who had been a co-chair of Romney's Florida campaign, ripped a Romney sticker off his lapel and replaced it with one of Huckabee's.
"I just couldn't figure out where Mitt stood," Langley said to applause from the crowd. "I had to have somebody that I could know where he stood, with the right values for this country and for a future for this country

Full story here.

Huckabee supports refrain from gloating. Governor Romney should be lauded for putting his hat in the political race. We should now be positioning our selves to get Romney supporters on the Huckabee bandwagaon.

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