Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anti-Catholics Can be Catholics' Brothers in Christ

Ok, I am glad to say the reaction to the Huckabee visit to Hagee's Church by Catholics and other Christians has been pretty sane so far. However there are a few bloggers(very small) out there(Catholic or Otherwise- I am noticing a few non catholics jumping in and saying I ashould be offended) that are on a mighty high horse and saying things that are not nice or Christian.. I have now done four posts on this subject. Links are contained at the post Reuters Doesn't Interview Pro-Huckabee Catholic Bloggers!!!

I am going to veer from the political Realm and talk about how we treat each other. David Armstrong is a person that has done more interaction with anti Cathoics than anyone else I have seen on the net. By the way I have no idea what his views are on this issue or who is supporting or if he is supporting anyone. However I thought he had a very good post here called How Anti-Catholics Can be Catholics' Brothers in Christ . It is a good read even though technically I think as per recent Vatican Clarification he might use "Christian Communities" in place of Church in some places. Good read!!! I suggest some Catholics and others read it!! Some of this we need to exclude "these people" not only is politically short sighted but has what I feel is an non Christian/Catholic undertone

Further I am seeing the term ANTI -CATHOLIC thrown around in a very liberal way out there. I really suggest that people read his other post(warning it is long) GO see- Use of the Term "Anti-Catholic" in Protestant and Secular Scholarly Works of History and Sociology . In that piece he says something important. Let me quote that:
I believe that anti-Protestantism or anti-evangelicalism is also a vast and disturbing social problem, coming largely from the left, the media, academia, and the entertainment industry, and including also the usual prevalent bias against "Southern conservative white guys" who are invariably stereotyped as troglodyte anti-intellectual fundamentalists -- the portrayal of the Scopes Trial, e.g., is a quintessential instance of this (and this itself is part of the common Northern bigotry against the South: and I say this as a Michigander, though one of my grandfathers was born in Alabama).
As to the relative prevalence of both, I don't have any particular strong opinion, nor do I think it matters much. The important thing is for conscientious Christians to condemn both

AMen to that. I really think people are losing the Forest For the Trees Here

He had a very interesting post here at The Wickedness of Christian Division, Anti-Catholicism, & Anti-Protestantism. He said in part:
The piddly, petty, juvenile crap that goes on in many (not all, by any means) posts on this bulletin board and every other one I have found where Catholics and Protestants try to interact like adults, is not real life. It is scandalous, disgusting, an ego trip, an exercise in futility. Much of such "dialogue" (again, not all, but quite a bit) is a waste of time and an insult to any conscientious Christian's intelligence (on any side, including my Orthodox brothers and sisters). Real life is this country and world going to hell in a handbasket, with legal abortion for 30 years, and partial-birth infanticide, and now legal sodomy, and soon-to-be legal homosexual "marriage" and a homosexual practicing bishop in the Episcopal Church; broken families, pornography everywhere, sewer bilge piped into network TV, rotten schools, massive social and crime problems in the large cities (I'm right outside Detroit and grew up in a working-class neighborhood there), etc., etc. Meanwhile, fellow Christians (who actually agree on the great bulk of these social and moral problems) slug it out daily, so that Satan can win the victory. Divide and conquer. Let the nation go to hell. Let souls go to hell who are out there waiting to hear the Good News. Instead the lost in a lost world get to see Christians treating each other like morons. Let them all go to hell. Never try to work together with a Catholic brother (like myself) who has web pages on many things about which most of us here would agree: abortion, sexual and gender issues, atheism, the Trinity, the cults, racial issues, Judaism, defenses of the Resurrection of Jesus, etc. That would never do. No, instead we must have the accusations and insinuations and rank insults. You don't know me. You can't read my heart. You don't know what motivates me.

Just saying. People need to keep the eyes on the prize both in secular and non secular terms and not inflame division for political purposes. Anyway that is my rant

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