Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Columnist Talks About Missing Louisiana

I was checking out Crunchy Con and saw he had this piece up "What's time to a hog?". I suppose around Christmas time a lot of Louisiana expats thoughts go to "home" Rod is of course in Dallas. It seems like half the state has gone to Dallas or Houston at times. In Louisiana if you have half decent grades you can pretty much get your College education paid for through the TOPS program. I always joke that Louisiana does a great job educating some of the best workers for Texas. Like him I hope Jindal can turn it around.

Rod Dreher is from an interesting part of the state. I believe he was raised in St Francisville which is just north of Baton Rouge. It is a beautiful town with plantations and nice Bed and Breakfasts. It has a Catholic presence but it starts to get real less Catholic and more Mississippi like real quick around that region. Confederate President Jefferson Davis's home is not too far away up in Woodville Mississippi. I used to love to go there and then take the ferry across the river to False River Louisiana. It was interesting to note the slight cultural differences. Any way nice links there for the homesick.

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