Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is There Misinformation on Huckabee and Home Schools?

I wanted to get a very well thought out and informative post out on Huckabee and the HomeSchooling issue.

In any campaign there are thousands of "special interest" groups. They all have valid concerns as to how person x will effect them if they are in office. A lot of stuff that is in play among these groups goes beneath the radar of those running campaigns. Thus sometimes a misunderstanding can cause problems that should not have occurred.

Now I know nothing about homeschooling. The closest I get to that is reading the Louisiana Catholic blogs of Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks , Full Circle , and of course Footprints on the Fridge . However I know Huckabee has a lot of homeschoolers support.

There appears to be some information that might be out there that is painting Huckabee as not being friendly to Homeschoolers. This seems to center around a law that was passed in Arkanas during his administration. This law though we find out was written by a home schooling dad.

EverFaith is a blogger that is not only a Home Schooler but a former public school teacher. She is defending the Huckabee record on Home Schooling and brings her own unique viewpoint. I thought it was a very good post that should get out there. Again she is responding to a blog that might or might not be reacting to something that is circulating which misleading. Any way please read her entry This Homeschooler is still for Huckabee.


Anonymous said...

As a homeschooler I even favor more restrictive laws. I do not think those are unrealistic hoops. I think most those laws are clearly to protect the school system from undue cost. I want homeschooling to flourish so I have a vested interest in parents capable of showing some prudence with the decision to be the vast majority actually homeschooling. These laws simply require prudence. They are not above and beyond the call of duty.

Anonymous said... has one of the best write-ups on Huckabee and Homeschooling. It is very good.

James H said...

Gid thanks for the link. I would like to point out though that the blog that had the write up is one the one that Everfaith is responding to