Thursday, December 20, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update For December 20

I really wished I did this earlier so to give my Louisiana Catholic bloggers publicity. Something, I don't know what is generating excitement or at least some, as I am looking at my blog hits. Well perhaps they will come back

Well we do indeed need to start out with For The Greater Glory!!!!! He took note of my complaints that he was not updating enough. He sort of defends himself in this post Grumpy and Opinionated Catholic. Yeah it looks like he has been busy and productive so we shall give him a pass. TO make matters worse I take the day off and he goes into a blogging frenzy. Go see this very interesting Huckabee related post Should We be Afraid of Mike Huckabee?. He alerts me to the the comments of another Catholic blogger I like and support. I thing For the Greater Glory is right on. I think I shall try to return to this later. He also has a post on Race for the White House right here.

Staying in the Diocese of Baton Rouge we go to Full Circle. He has a post up called Truth is important ... Pseudo-knowledge . I think this a great post. It really throw old myths on their head. He talks about the myth of "pagans" and Christmas. He also tells us that whole Luther nailing things on the Church door is a tad myth too. Pretty cool post. On a more non Catholic note he tells us that Using Firefox 3 ... its WAY faster . I liked this entry Family Mans Creed. This post he did yesterday should probably be read in tandem with the first entry I highlighted of his. Go see The date of Christmas and its so called pagan origins .

Alive and Young tells us he is not going to blog till after Christmas so he can get more into the in the Advent spirit and prepare for the coming Christmas season. Go see No Blogging Till After Christmas

We now got the Diocese of Lafayette. Catholic Underground(I will highlight this in a separate entry) has their new podcast up. It is called Episode 62: Load Up the Ark, ‘Cause We Got A Zoo.. By the way three of our Louisiana bloggers(our two priest bloggers and one lay blogger from Lafayette) do this podcast. The description is:
The special format episodes continue as we devote a whole show to backchats we have received over the course of the year. We promise we'll give some time to some of the audio backchats we have received! We talk about orthodoxy once more, papal primacy a bit, ministering to one's family, and why Joshua works well with animals.
Also, listen for a special announcement in the CU news portion

It appears that this little ole Catholic podcast from Louisiana is growing more and more each day. They have a cool news release here at Catholic Underground First of Five New Podcasts to Join SQPN. Congrats!!!!!!

Staying in the Diocese of Lafayette we go to From The Recamier. She has her always fun post for the day here. She always at the end of her post highlights the person that died on todays date. Yesterday it was Emily Brontë amd she has a lot of info on her.

We go to Catholic Tube next. I am figuring out his new and exciting format here. These are new vids that he has since I last checked in on Tuesday
Faith and Politics-How are the Republican presidential contenders, particularly Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, applying faith in their campaigns? Fox News contributor and religion analyst Father Jonathan Morris offers perspective into the matter of faith, religion and the presidential race, as well as on-going concerns about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism.

A Spiritual Bootcamp- an informational video for the Institute for Priestly Fromation Summer Program for diocesan seminarians.

Enter The Narrow Gate-a new site by a church parish

Jesus is the Bread of Life-An excerpt from EWTN which parallels the Eucharistic Sacrifice in the mass, to experiencing daily Christmas. Watch the video to see what he is speaking of.

We next go the Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks. I keep getting confused if she is in the Diocese of Lafayette or Diocese of Lake Charles. I think it is Lafayette. Anyway she has a lot of post that fun. Go see this very special birthday post at Birthday Blessings. She her post Yeah! What She Said! and A Cup of Love Overflows . I also liked this one It's God's Call...Not Ours which is really a quite touching post that all Catholic mom's and dads should take a look at if they got boys. The possible call to a Vocation sometimes takes root early!!!

A Number of Things has a post called A House Full of Secrets.

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has some very interesting thing on today's entry. He has a quote I saw earlier today. It is in reference to a controversy over some remarks that the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury made about Christmas. Anyway I find the quote interesting too.

We end with the Brown Pelican Society. His post and news links are
A Christless Christmas Is Senseless, Says Pope
What Part of "God Created..." Don't We Understand?
Bush Sells Out America at U.N. Conference
Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave...Online Pornography Business is Booming
FRC's Pat Fagan Delivers on Teen Birth Analysis
The Currency of Faith: How One Man Put God Into Circulation(this is a pretty interesting part of Civil War era history here in the US)
Translation of the Reflection on Christmas that Benedict XVI Delivered Today at the General Audience: On the Birth of Christ
Of Pro-Lifers and Faux-Lifers
Huckabee Camp Slams Media For 'Creating Controversy' Over Christmas Ad
Perkins Says 'Value Voter' Issues Still a Large Factor in Campaign
Worldwide Initiative: Vatican Lauds UN Death Penalty Moratorium
TODAY'S SAINT - St. Dominic of Silos (c. 1000-1073)
Advent: Waiting in Joyful Hope: Third Thursday of Advent
New Colorado Initiative Seeks to Define Embryos as Human Persons Under the Law (The Power of the Initiative Lies in Its Simplicity)

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