Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Huckabee Goes Hunting In Iowa

Well it is the day after Christmas and Huckabee is out there on the "trail" in a very literal way. That is the hunting trail. He was out there Hunting early this morning. This is a amusing report of it from a reporters point of view.

The major thing that has surprised me is the lack of focus on the NRA and the gun issue on the campaign. I truly believe that this will be big. McCain is till battling his support and getting the Campaign Finance Reform bill through. SOmething anethama to the NRA and its supporters. Rudy for goddness sake ok suing Gun manufactors!! How in the heck will that play among gun owners. ROmeny will also have problems.

THe media often talks about the support of abortion by Romney and Rudy as being problems for many Conservatives. I agree with that to a certain extent. However in the SOuth and portions of the North and West the gun issue will be huge.

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DF Robichaux said...

The reason the Club for Growth is against Huckabee because Huckabee is a socialist, just as is Guiliani, Romney and McCain.

Thompson is not, but is dead in the water.

The only viable conservative still in the mix is Ron Paul.

Socialist always want to increase and centralize authority for their own purposes whether it is economic, religious/moral or social.

In my opinion, Guiliani is an authoritarian socialist, Romney was a socialist until the start of this campaign, McCain can't figure out what he is and Huckabee is a socialist who also happens to be stridently anti-abortion.

Records do not lie and the campaign rhetoric has only confirmed where the candidates lie in the ideological spectrum.

As Ronald Reagan said, libertarianism is the soul of conservatism.