Monday, December 17, 2007

LSU/ Ohio State NC Game-( Greatest 2007 You Tube Countdown)

I thought it would be fun to start looking at some of the best You Tube Vids and Game highlights from the past LSU season as we go down to the big game. Needless to say it has been a exciting year. I thought this was one of the best put together vids of year. Now to be honest we know in reality that the LSU players did not hold any animosity to Saban :). Still I think it does a godd job of not only showing the highlights of the year leading up to the LSU/Bama game but shows the LSU fan's mood as to this game. Also we know that after this something significant happened. The LSU players gave Les Miles the Game Ball. They knew this game was important to him in many respects and that finally he could move out of Saban's shadow. More You tubes coming up from this past year of this great LSU season.

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