Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Huckabee Supporters Must Prepare For Attacks From Rudy

What an interesting 72 hours it has been in the GOP race for the White House. I will be doing a couple of Huckabee post today.

A month or two ago I was warning Republicans of the folly of talking about going third party if Rudy got the nomination. I stand by that. However I also was saying that all the media attention Rudy was getting from such alarmist and over the top rhetoric from Conservatives was backfiring on many levels. That is that it just kept Rudy in the news and thus was helping him. Somewhere Huckabee caught on. Now Huckabee is benefiting from the constant attacks on him. In fact the past two weeks have been nothing than Huckabee/Romney news. A small exception is some good press that McCain got this past week from some major endorsements.

SO what will Rudy do. The National Review(that are mostly Pro-Romney and very Anti Huckabee) had a article on how Rudy is in trouble today.

I am not buying that article 100 percent. I do buy though the conventional wisdom that the Rudy Camp sees positives in the Huckabee surge. That is it hurts Fred Thompson and especially Romney. I am getting the feeling they are concerned about Huckabee rise or the extent of it. Rudy is a very smart politician with many things to say. He will not just let let Florida go into the Huckabee column without a fight. Winning Florida is pivotal to his campaign plan.

So what does this mean for Huckabee. The problem the Huckabee campaign has can be summed up in one word. That is STAFF. Warm bodies working full time that are experts in this stuff. Huckabee is trying to catch up but it will be race. We are lucky we have not taken more damage already. There is already too much BS with a Captial B and Captial S that is not being responded. too. A quick google search of the news and blogs will show that. We still have not put to bed the Club for Growth lies yet. The staff Huckabee has is good. However, there is only so much they can do in a 24 hour time period.

SO will Rudy attack Huckabee? I would prepare for it. I also think the Rudy camp is looking at what is working against Huckabee and what attacks are not. They are in effect keeping their powder dry. Now this might not happen. It makes better political sense to me for Rudy to attack Romney as he is a tad wounded. That very well might happen. Still we need to be prepared for another front in this primary war.

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