Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update For Dec 18th

I have a to get a haircut in 30 minutes so we will have to fly through the update. Sorry the lack of commentary today on the all always excellent Louisiana Catholic Bloggers

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan from the Diocese of Alexandria has a nice vid up today

Alive and Young has this nice post Repost: Be Charitable this Winter With Random Acts of Kindness . Also check out this fun pic Will the Real Saint Nick Please Stand Up? . I really liked this post here Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Red Bull . Oh and check out Healthy Messages .

Arrival : The Parousian Weblog has another wonderful post full of correct grammar and actually is productive to read as usual. IE not like the stuff I produce here :) at St. Stein on Women's Professions [St. Stein Part 3]

For The Greater Glory is still bugging the crap out of me because he has not updated and dearly needs too. I suppose he is goofing off in the French Quarter while he is College break or something like that :)

Full Circle has a update to a very interesting post he wrote a week ago. Go see
Followup to my use of deadly force post .

The Brown Pelican Society again has 7 to 8 links and post on the Daily news and happenings that all Catholics and well informed people need to know.

The Always incredible Catholic Tube has some great vids up. Go see What Did You Get Jesus??? and also please this see this post and vid Beware of Noelle. He writes as to this:
A new movie was released a few weeks ago with the claim of being a “Christian” movie that also has a “pro life” message. But the movie revolves around 2 priests, one whom is an acoholic who is contemplating marrying a woman, and another priest who is portrayed as void of faith and is in love with the same woman.
The movie mocks all that is Catholic and is produced by a Protestant organization. Here is a preview of the movie, which can raise some of the red flags, but does not go into detail about the anti-catholic tones in the movie

From The Recamier as usual has another great post for the day that always reminds me (A usual) that I should be more productive in learning

Footprints on the Fridge has a wonderful post A Rare Occasion...

That is it for the Louisiana Catholic Blogger update. More later.

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