Monday, December 17, 2007

AL-QAEDA'S #2 MAN Talks about Pope In Latest Vid

Peop Benedict is a man that is noticed by the forces of terror to say the least. The historic meeting between the Head of the House4 of Saud and Pope Benedict was sure to be noticed. The Ratizinger Forum has a translation of a report out of Italy on Al-Qaeda's latest vid. I will put in italics, the forums comments they inserted.

AL-QAEDA'S #2 MAN QUESTIONS SAUDI KING'S MEETING WITH 'THE POPE WHO OFFENDED ISLAM' Translated from PETRUS today: VATICAN CITY - In the last video released showing Al-Qaeda's second in command, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, Benedict XVI's image appears for a few seconds as "the Pope who has offended Islam'. At 1 minute and 57 seconds of the long interview filmed by Al-Sahab Productions, the Al-Qaeda ideologue fiercely attached Muslim scholars, particularly Saudi, who 'prohibit' jihad against the Americans. [Really? Has anyone been that explicit ever?] Al-Zawahiri was particularly incensed at the recent visit of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah II to Pope Benedict XVI. "I ask these ulema why jihad against the Russians was a duty, while they prohibit finding the Americans in Afghanistan," he said. "I also ask these Mufti who are now following the school of Bush if it was appropriate that the governing authority (i.e., King Abdullah) should have visited the Pope who has offended Islam and the Muslims. Is this the way they propose a moderate doctrine and meet the polytheism of Saudi Muftis?"

Let us continue to Pray for the Holy Father's Safety.

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