Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney's Embargo In Talking About His Mormon Faith Is Hurting Him

So argus Ross Douthat at the NYT and I happen to agree. See Romney’s Mormon Story


Unknown said...

I think he will have to at least make a speech about his faith at some point, won't he?

I mean, as a candidate, Obama had that whole Reverend Wright thing, made a "major" speech, and it passed.

Romney does not seem to have gotten the hang of defusing controversy by making speeches. Nobody wants to sit through a long speech, so if they hear a candidate has addressed something, it usually slides by in one news cycle.

James H said...

I agree. He sort of made a sppech on this 4 yrs ago. Just seems silly to think we are going to go through at least 4 years of a Romeny Presidency perhaps and it not being discussed or people want to know about

APOV said...

I think he is doing the right thing, as far as getting votes, to keep his mouth shut about it and keep it in the closet as much as possible. The assorted fundamentalists, rednecks, hillbillies, and crackers of Northwestern Louisiana demonstrated in electing Jim McCrery over and over again, that they will elect even a known homosexual as long as he stays in the closet and votes against other homosexuals in the Congress. Remember they have elected Vitter over and over again also. I don't know if Romney really believes all of the Mormon nonsense, or if it is just his family tradition and culture. But if he starts proclaiming the Mormon religion like he really believes that a con-artist like Joseph Smith received a new gospel in the 1830s, a new gospel that gave men the right to take many young virgins as "plural wives", with this new gospel coming from an angel named "Moroni" on solid gold plates which somehow no longer exist, then I think that the fundamentalist Christians who I know are going to balk at him. As for me, I doubt that he really believes in the Mormon religion, and suspect that he just practices such a religion because his grandfather or great-grandfather got into it so that he would get his share of new young virgin girls into his old age. I understand that after the government of the United States started to crack down on that, the Romney family went to Mexico. At this point, it is just the culture and tradition of the Romney family, and to be disowned and cast out of his own family would be less politically viable than to be a Mormon that keeps quiet about it and tried to not draw attention to such ridiculous beliefs. If I thought Romney was gullible enough that he did not realize that Joseph Smith was a con-artist, then I would fear him becoming POTUS.