Saturday, August 4, 2012

Can Poll Numbers Showing Huge Lead for Congressman Boustany over Congressman Landry Be Real ?

A little Louisiana political business for the morning. Because of the census and redistricting we have two sitting GOP Congressmen that are going to have to go against each other in South Louisiana.

I don't have a dog in this hunt as to either of them. I also realize since I am not there is rather large diverse district its hard to get a feel of the race.

Still these internal poll released by  Boustany sort of shocked me.

See Boustany Has Large Lead Over Landry in Internal

....Boustany took 61 percent to Landry's 23 percent in a Louisiana 3rd District head-to-head ballot test. If a generic Democrat -- randomly named "Fred Green" -- was included in the ballot test, Boustany still led Landry, 56 percent to 20 percent, with "Green" taking 15 percent of the vote. Louisiana will vote in a "jungle primary" Nov. 6, pitting all candidates against each other on one ballot; if no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, there will be a runoff on Dec. 8. The deadline for candidate filing is Aug. 17.......

61 to 23 perecent !!!!

Two things - It is s and internal poll and  with a small sample size. However I really would love to see some more polling on this race. Those numbers seem staggering even for this early in the race. So I am not sure I am buying it yet.

But if true it shows a number of things.

Boustany is doing well with the Tea Party dynamic and very much holding his on.

Second he is holding his home base of Lafayette number pretty darn well. Let us recall Lafayette Parish is a place that has a mind of it's own and bucks standard rules. For instance  in 2003 Bobby Jindal won this parish from hometown girl conservative Democrat Kathleen Babineaux Blanco.

If Landry can't eat into Lafayette then it is hard to see how he can gain votes over in the Lake Charles area that is slightly more blue dog.


Undergroundpewster said...

Charles is an old classmate, so I have a dog in this one.

James H said...

Well that is pretty cool. These numbers are indicating he is good position

Anonymous said...

I believe it. With most of the new 3rd District in Boustany's territory now, his upstanding character in the area and Landry's tendency to do and say dumb things, I would bet this poll is more accurate than not.

James H said...


You might something. I just thought it would be a tad closer. Its still early but I have to think a few more polls like this and Landry is going to have fundraising problems

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the end of Landry. He's an idiot.