Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gay Journalist Feels Guilty About Not Having Sex With HIV Positive Guys

Rod Dreher has an interesting column up looking at a piece that a journalist put up at the Gawker site. I have to admit I share the it is sort of watching a train wreck sort of thing.

See  A Subculture of Death

Rod hit on a part of this column that also gave me a WTH moment

So, right. No firm answers to be had here, except that abstinence is the only way to stay truly safe. And abstinence, as we know, is impossible. How terrifying.

“As we know”? Who’s “we”? And, from a morally neutral point of view (which is not my point of view, but indulge me here), is it really the case that the only extremes are total abstinence, or come-what-may (so to speak)? The impoverishment of the moral imagination here, and the slavery to desire, is profound.

What kind of culture teaches that it’s better to have an unfettered sex life than to, you know, live? A culture of death, that’s what.

A couple of random thoughts as to the comment that developed there.

One guy said HEY looks like we need gay marriage to cure this. Rod shot back with the studies that gay marriage according to some studies seem incredibly open. That is sex with multiple sex partner with the partner's permission. Again bringing worries that gay marriage might be a two tier system or worse it could influence "straight' marriage as to this. I suppose if gay marriage advances time will tell.

But again I turn back to that line  abstinence, as we know, is impossible. and Rod's thoughts on that. That is not something I suspect a few nice gay weddings turns off when one gets married and it's implications toward monogamy.

Which brings up a final point. I might not live in NYC but this attitude  is not uncommon among gay men and couples I know. There are of course  many exceptions. However it is such a high number that well I have come to expect it.

There are many Christians advocates out there for the LGBT community that stand up for people in these relationships. They also spend a good bit of their time criticizing those that oppose things like gay marriage. But I do see precious little from these same folks in the social media at least of going WAIT this attitude is not right. It is destructive. It is not a Christian way of sexuality.

At what one point does that sort of happen ?

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