Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Deep South Alabama Troy University Partners With Catholic Church On New Residence Hall For Students

This is some very good news from the Heart of Dixie AKA Try Alabama. See TROY forges alliance with Catholic church for new dorm space.

A vid of the starting construction is here.
While Bama and Auburn get much of the college noise in the Deep South State of Alabama Troy is no slouch . It has a substantial system presence in the State.  However it is interesting the population of the main campus is just around 7,200 student.  To get a sense of where Troy is located in the State of Alabama and also the Archdiocese of Mobile see here.

The Archdiocese of Mobile has 68,662 Catholics out of a total estimated population of 1,761,543 people. The only other Diocese in Alabama , the Diocese of Diocese of Birmingham to the north has a Catholic population of 90,135 out of a  2.7 million population . That is about 3 percent of the population there. In other words while a vibrant, historical, and important community we still in the big scheme of things kind of small there.

That is what I love about this. An deep South Catholic Diocese taking proactive steps on as to some of the more important formation life moments of a person at a  SECULAR University.

As we read this is Construction of a new 376-bed residence ( where housing is needed) will feature a Newman Center, a Catholic ministry center , but still be geared not only to Catholics but all people of faith.or faith values. THAT IS PROACTIVE.

We have seen this partnership between the College campus , and Catholic Campus ministry in other places. For instance from this year in the State of Texas see here.

I hope we see more and more of this.

On a related note Mirrors of Justice took note of this and is  hoping the t's were crossed and the i's dotted as to legal issues.  Well as we see from the above vid construction is being started so I guess we shall have to put our faith in the Lawyers that made sure they were.

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