Monday, August 20, 2012

Australia Catholic Church Has War On Video Poker - Asking For Reforms

Kinda of an interesting article from Vatican Insider on efforts on Gambling in Australia and indeed even in Italy. See Australia: The Church takes action against gambling .

Reform to curb video poker -- the Australian Church sends out an appeal against gambling: “The Australian Government should change gambling reform” The appeal in support of a government proposal to change video poker machines was launched by Catholic Care, the agency for the welfare of the Archdiocese of Sydney, and consequently taken up by Vatican Radio.

The change would force players to declare in advance how much they are willing to bet, while the video poker machines would be reprogrammed to limit losses to $120 an hour, a change from the $1200 limit currently in place. Catholic Care Sydney (CCS) “strongly supports efforts to reduce the damage caused by video poker to communities and Australian families.” Indeed, it is extremely important, according to Bernard Boerma, Head of CCS, that “the government does not lose sight of this reform, which is a step forward in dealing with a devastating problem in Australian society.” .......

In Louisiana we have Video Poker all over the place such as bars, restaurants, and "Truck Stop Casinos". I wonder what the reaction would be if the Louisiana Catholic Bishops urged such limits.

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