Friday, August 10, 2012

Confusing Conflicting Messages On Catholic Diocesan Web Sites ( Example Archdiocese of New York City )

The whole Al Smith Dinner invite of President Obama has been in the Catholic social media line of fire this week. I am actually am a little protective of Cardinal Dolan here against his critics. I might post on that later.

However this matter brings up a related issues we perhaps see too much. How do we know what we see on an official Diocese web site is the mind of the "Bishop" or the Diocese.

Strangely this has come up in this case in a real practical way. See from Mirrors of Justice Update regarding Archdiocese of New York

As the earlier his earlier post indicated he assumed people in charge " approved that message". We appears not , but it is certainly something I would have assumed.

The topic here is not so much the  Al Smith Dinner , but how to avoid this confusion I think.

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