Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Robert George on Brazil 's Legally Recognized Multi-Partner Union - Why Not ?

Have not commented on this story that is getting some play and of course is getting picked up in the USA because of the debate over same sex marriage.

See Legally recognized multi-partner unions: Why not?

Again why not? What is the principle ?


APOV said...

I would think that with the nomination of Mitt Romney, the issue of "plural marriage" would be on the front burner in the USA. While polygamy goes back to the beginning of mankind--I think Lamech was the first man in the Bible to take more than one wife--those marriages were separate marriages between the man and various women, but each marriage was between the one husband and one of his wives. The concept of "plural marriage", where the husband and and number of "sister wives" are in one big "plural marriage" was invented by Joseph Smith, although Mormons claim that he was a prophet, and God told him to establish "plural marriage". Regardless of the fact that Joseph Smith was just a con-artist, the Mormons put their "plural marriage" on hold due to unconstitutional infringement of their religious rights by the federal government. They did not say that they were turning against "plural marriage" because it is not righteous, they simply said that they would not practice it in jurisdictions where it is currently illegal. Many of them went to Mexico to continue the practice of "plural marriage" including the Romney family.

APOV said...

Lost my train of thought in mid-sentence. What I meant to write is that regarless of Joseph Smith being a con-artists, Mormons are entitled to freedom of religion, and "plural marriage" should be a constitutionally protected right. This is very different than bigamy, where a person takes a second, separate spouse without the knowlege and consent of the existing spouse. Mormon style "plural marriage" seems to be what they are doing in this story from Brazil.

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