Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Legal Academy Push Back That Christians Just A Bunch of Whiners On " War On Religion "

See That Old-Time Religious Persecution

I pretty much agree with that. Also in other areas of rights I don't see this same attitude exhibited as much.

As he says in closing :

But I take it that the real challenge of the piece is to remind its readers about what real persecution looks like, and to accuse contemporary American Christians of being a “bunch of whiners.” As I noted in my previous post on this subject, I am struggling to understand the basic point, though perhaps I just haven’t yet seen it. Is it that we should wait to care about violations of religious liberty until they reach the sorts of persecutorial proportions that one sees in Iran or Somalia? Is it that it might be a very good thing if Christians experienced some of that old-time persecution? But why should one wish for that? And why should one not want to recognize admittedly milder forms of troubling developments respecting religious freedom as worrisome, even if they do not rise to the level of stonings and government-promoted animal maulings? I’ll be interested to see if this form of argument persists.

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