Monday, August 27, 2012

Color Me Skeptical That Obama Support Among Catholics Down to 27 Percent

This poll by the American Life League has got some play in Catholic social media. See
Poll: Obama Losing Support Among Catholics- American Life League Nationwide Survey Reveals Dramatic Drop May Be Tied to HHS Mandates

In this release we learn that Only 27 percent of the Catholics surveyed support President Obama .

I would love for this to be true to say the least but again color me skeptical. One problem is I have yet been able to find a link to the poll itself and very important how the question ( s) were worded. In other words were these push poll wrote type questions.

It just seems a rather dramatic decrease to happened since last polls we saw on this matter. Regardless we Catholics that find the Obama's administraion posititons on abortion and the HHS mandate a clear and present danger have a lot of work to do.

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No way IMO