Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lots of Articles on How Southern Evangelicals View A Mormon Catholic GOP Ticket

I keep reading articles about what those Evangelicals and in particular  Southern Protestants must be thinking about a Mormon/ Catholic GOP ticket.

My sense is they are not nearly fascinated about this dynamic as people think.

A few observations of why this continues to annoy me and this of course also has regional Southern impact since there are so many protestants  down here. The Mormon element is of course new , and I guess my last point hits that point somewhat.

First for whatever reason the long term alliance between the Catholic vote and Southern Protestants/evangelicals   that was quite strong in the FDR days and beyond is just ignored.

Second among Southern Protestants there is diversity and voting for a Catholic at many levels of Government is not new.

Third it fails to note the continued migration of Catholics to the South and mid South that has been going for decades. From industry to people that stayed after serving time in the very military base saturated south it is very likely people actual know , work live, and play with Catholics down here than let us say 1920. See Atlanta See North Carolina etc etc.

Last but not least down here I am sensing some relief that some one besides a "born again" is not at the top of the ticket. It does get exhausting I think for many of my evangelical neighbors to have one of theirs at the top of the ticket because the hits their faith takes in the public square.

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APOV said...

We learned exactly what the Southern fundamentalists/evangelicals think about having a Mormon on the ticket during the primaries. Having a Catholic on the ticket is not a problem as long as he is fully sold out to the right-wing agenda, like Santorum, and is not involved in compassion for the poor and all such former Catholic stuff. But during the primaries, Romney was roundly rejected as the member of a cult. In spite of this, he won the nomination, so now they are all for him, as long as he keeps quiet about his magic underwear, and the Gospel of Mormon, as delivered to the Prophet Joseph Smith, a former water witch, by the Angel Moroni on solid gold plates which have disappeared. If Romney brings his religion out of the closet and starts discussing it, they might bolt, but they have no place to go unless Perry or Santorum or some halfway credible right-wingnut fundamentalist makes a third party run. I figure most of them would vote for Lucifer himself, if he was the Republican nominee with Obama on the Democrat ticket. I will be voting for the Libertarian, regardless of the futility, but watching the deceitful, dishonest, and utterly inconsistent behavior of Southern right-wingnut religio-political fundamentalist is such fun sport.