Monday, August 20, 2012

New U.S. Air Force Regulations Takes More Explicit Restrictive Tone Toward Religious Practice and Liberty ?

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There are some religious liberty posts I might to try hit on this week. There were some new regulations issued by the Air Force's Newly-retired General Norton Schwartz on various issues before he left. These hit on many topic from social media to ever appears controversial  subject of religious freedom, practice, and related issues. I say controversial because it seems the Air Force often generates the headlines for some reason. I suspect part of that is the every in the press  is  Michael Weinstein , the President of his self-founded Military Religious Freedom Foundation

God and Country , a religious site from a military viewpoint,  takes a look at the religious side of the regs here at AF Publishes New Reg on Religion, Social Media, House Cleaning

He notes among other things that the regs

 "would seem to be the first time the Air Force has officially said free exercise can be limited by the military’s interpretation of its effect on good order and discipline. While the military can restrict virtually anything it wants when the mission requires, it is unusual for such a specific statement to address an otherwise protected freedom."


"The tone of AFI 1-1′s paragraph on religion is an interesting contrast to that of the 2006 Religious Guidelines that, rather than presuming a negative perception of religious freedom, presumed its virtue"

More at his link.

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