Thursday, August 23, 2012

Plague On Both Our Houses- Bipartisan Lies About Suppressing Military Vote and Changing Meaning of Rape

This is the state of politics today

A few weeks back there was a story that the Obama folks wanted to try to make it harder for military folks to vote in Ohio. OMG as a Romney supporter I must I have been thrilled. WRONG.

The story through a lot of sins of omissions was false and was misleading. I did not post on it nor promote it in social media. However a lot of folks did and some major media ran with it.

We come to this week.

Democrats and yes major media have been running with the story that Paul Ryan wanted to change what rape meant. Through a lot of lies of omission this is just as bad what Romney supporters were trying to do. See  NYTimes Falsely Reports Ryan Tried to 'Restrict the Definition of Rape'

What amazes me that people many people I follow of some standing on each side have to know each respective  stories is very false ( not  the misinformed that just repeat it ). Yet they run with both with no shame.

I get politics is not romper room but at some point there has to be some standards for the supposed " adults " in the room

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